Guild Wars 2 Spring Update is Nearly Here

Major update for Guild Wars 2 will see major changes to gameplay

Today, ArenaNet confirmed that the next big update for Guild Wars 2 will be coming out on April 19.

Even though many of the details for the update remain a secret, what we do know is that the Spring update will predominantly be aimed at improving gameplay by reducing the grind and clearing away some of the aspects of the game which some may consider tedious. Rewards will also see some improvement.

"Guilds Wars 2 should be about having fun rather than preparing to have fun, and the Spring update dropping on Tuesday is all about getting back to that core philosophy."

-- ArenaNet spokesperson

From previously released details, we know that there will be some changes to Fractals and the tiering structure. Some Fractal achievements are being removed to be replaced with new ones. There will also be some major changes to scribing costs. Material costs are going to be reduced, there will be lots of new supplies of Resonating Slivers, and drop rates for certain components will be increased.

Fans are also hoping to see the return of Alpine borderlands, but it has been confirmed that this will not happen in this update due to the complexity of bringing back old content. But there will be improvements to Desert to pave the way for Alpine's reintroduction when it is ready.


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Published Apr. 14th 2016

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