Play Lost Order Wherever, Though Probably Not on Handhelds

Lost Order brings a beautiful world of 3D real-time tactics combat in the palm of your hand. But nothing has been said about a handheld version.

It has been a year since Cygames announced Lost Order (as Project Re:Link), their real-time tactics game, and not much has been heard about the game since.

We do know that the game is developed by Platinum Games and helmed by people who have worked on many Final Fantasy titles in the past. Names like Yasumi Matsuno and Akihiko Yoshida, both are famous for Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII. There's also Yoshiki Kashitani, who was the lead game designer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 as well as being main programmer for Final Fantasy XIII and Dirge of Cerberus, and Daisuke Sakata who was the sound designer for Bayonetta.

Speaking to Famitsu magazine, the developers said that the game, which is planned to be released on iPhone and Android, is about 70% complete and they will have some information to share at the beginning of 2017. Unfortunately, they didn't mention when they will update us exactly, nor did they mention the game's release date. But, they said that they aim to make Lost Order go beyond the limitations of smartphone apps in terms of quality, with its rich 3D graphics and enhanced contents such as team composition, equipments, and other strategic elements.

Lost Order takes place in the “Perished Capital of Gold Heaven,” a hierarchical city created for colonization purposes in a new continent. Not much can be shared about the story other than it will revolve around the social disparity issue rooted in the city. It is said that there will also be a “Legend of the Thirteen Soaring Jet Black Knights” that will play a key part in the game’s storyline.

The game is labeled as a “real-time tactics” game where players will have to make strategic choices for automatic battles in a vast field. It has not been confirmed whether the game will have a multiplayer mode, either local or online. There has also been no confirmation if we will see the game on home or handheld consoles. But, stay tuned on GameSkinny for the updates on Lost Order.


Published Jan. 7th 2017

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