The Fifth Expedition enters Steam Early Access tomorrow

Guide a team of five explorers to the depths of an ancient machine in The Fifth Expedition which enters Steam Early Access tomorrow.

The Fifth Expedition is an action strategy game that enters Steam Early Access tomorrow. The game revolves around the player leading an expedition of five people into the perilous depths of an ancient machine, in the hope of saving the community of survivors.

What is The Fifth Expedition?

The Fifth Expedition is an indie action strategy game developed and published by Snapjaw Games GmbH. The story of the game takes place one hundred years after the end of the world. The survivors of the incident and their descendants have settled in and around a group of old, but functioning, production facilities for shelter and food.

When one such facility breaks down, the settlers around it send expeditions into its depths to try and repair it. Four teams have been sent out, and none have returned. The fifth team is about to enter the ancient machine, and you are their leader.

This expedition is the final hope of the community. With little manpower and equally as little equipment, you must guide the expedition team through its depths and repair the facility saving the remaining lives around it.

What to expect from the game at present

According to the developers through the Steam page, the game currently represents a baseline of functionality which they will build upon. The baseline of functionality means that most of the mechanics of the game already in place, but not all of their content is available yet.

The map generator is fully functional and creates unique maps for every playthrough, but the variety of enemies and interactable objects are quite limited. All the starting equipment is fully functional, but further equipment that can be found and used is very limited at this time.

All the characters each have their own unique traits, strengths, and weaknesses, which the developer intends to expand further. As the game is updated, the developers are looking to expand character customization, add in new items, enemies, and equipment, randomization, and traits.

Development timeline

The Fifth Expedition is certainly looking to be an interesting title with elements of survival, action, RPG and strategy. The game promises loads of items, character advancement, and customization, every decision having consequences and much more.

At present, the developers are looking to have the game finished within six to nine months, and have stated that the early access price is going to be at a discount. If you find that this is a title that interests you, there is no better time to get it and try it out than tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on The Fifth Expedition? Are you going to give it a try while in early access? Let me know in the comments below. 


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Published Apr. 6th 2016

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