Skullgirls Mobile Recently Released For iOS and Android

The fast-paced female-dominated 2D fighter Skullgirls has recently been ported to Mobile via iOS and Android devices.

Lab Zero Games' 2D fighting game Skullgirls has recently been re-released as Skullgirls Mobile for iOS and Android. The mobile port is a collaboration between the game's original developer Lab Zero Games, Autumn Games, LINE Corporation, and Hidden Variable Studios. 

While similar to Skullgirls, Skullgirls Mobile isn't a complete reimagining of the original fighter. The development has reworked some of the original game's graphics and story elements for mobile devices. The game is free to start -- though it does offer in app purchases -- and employs a touch screen interface mirroring the original's controls.

Skullgirls Mobile is available now for iOS and Android devices, and the original full game, Skullgirls 2nd Encore, is available for a number of platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox One.   


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Published Jun. 6th 2017

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