FFXIV Before Meteor Soundtrack Available Now

The Before Meteor album is available for purchase now.

I woke up yesterday to the arrival of my Final Fantasy XIV Before Meteor album. So the first thing I did was put it in the computer and push play. I was really surprised to discover how much the music had changed from original release. Sure, some songs made it into A Realm Reborn, such as Broken Angel, Garuda's theme song, but a lot seemed to be scrapped all together. It really had a nostalgic feel to it just listening to all the songs that I used to hear while exploring the pre-calamity Eorzea.

My favorites

There are a few songs I wish I could just put on repeat--however I can't find a repeat option. The songs I want to listen to non-stop are Broken Angel and Answers. Both of these are epic songs that just do not grow old. Answers is probably most recognizable from the End of an Era promotional video that was released at the big final event of 1.0.

The product details

If you are interested in getting this album, you can go to the Square Enix online store and order it. So you know, this album is Blu-Ray only, so keep that in mind if you're going to buy it. It's $49.99 for over 100 songs, well worth it if you ask me.

As always thanks for reading, and let me know what your favorite 1.0 songs were in the comments below. Also share this with your friends let everyone know that the music is available!

Published Sep. 5th 2013

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