8 Times Mass Effect: Andromeda Completely Destroyed My Immersion During a Conversation

Look What I Can Do

There is so much wrong with this and half of it is missing because it's only a screenshot and not a video.

  1. Because this turian was standing close to the wall the camera took to creating awkward angles like this.
  2. When you are in conversation with people, they repeat ambient movements over and over. In this case, the turian "holds" the datapad. (And I use "holds" as loosely as that turian grips things.) Inspects it. Taps somethings on the pad. Rinse and repeat. This whole animation cycle may take 5 to 10 seconds, so it's repeated a dozen or more times over the course of a 2-minute conversation. 

This case was particularly hilarious because he lazily flopped his wrist around while the datapad magically stayed glued to it.

Other classic highlights in the same vein as this one include:

  1. Repeatedly tapping their wrist mounted omni-tool like a junky tweaking for some of the good stuff while talking to you.
  2. Peebee using certain animations frequently throughout a conversation that can only be described as "sassy". We're talking hand on hip, back threw back, flamboyant pointing, etc.   
Published Apr. 18th 2017

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