The 5 Most Impressive Ways To Beat A Video Game

With A Dance Pad

The trend of using dance pads to beat video games that are not called Dance Dance Revolution has been around for a while, but streamer and YouTuber Rudeism has taken it to a new level by attempting to beat Dark Souls 3 with the pad alone.

Adding to the difficulty here is that Rudeism has never played Dark Souls 3 (or any Dark Souls game) before, so this is a truly blind run. He is currently streaming his adventures over on his Twitch page, and he has already somehow taken down 3 bosses since he began in late May. It's been a trying process for Rudeism, having died over 30 times trying to take down the first boss, but at least he's getting his cardio in!

Published Jun. 16th 2016

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