5 Bizarre Video Game Experiments

Tekken Torture Tournament

Have you ever questioned what a character in a fighting game feels? This experience is the closest you can get to an answer.

Eddo Stern and Mark Allen created an event, in which volunteers played Tekken, whilst wearing a device in their arms that administered a non-lethal, yet painful, electric shock each time the player received a hit from the opponent. 

The shocks were intense enough to interfere temporarily with the functions of the muscle of the player's arm, thus affecting mobility and making it harder to play the game.

As the author Katherine Isbister writes in her book How Games Move Us: Emotion by Design: 

"They [the shocks] mimicked the delays avatars experience in-game after being dealt a heavy blow. Players had to sign an intimidating release form, but nonetheless participated in the tournament, as it toured art venues in the United States, Israel, Australia and the Netherlands."

While this experiment may seem brutal, it gets nowhere near the intensity of the next in this list.

Published Jan. 8th 2017

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