Pacific Rim Game Screenshots: Guillermo del Toro's Giant Robots

You dig giant robots. I dig giant robots. We all dig giant robots.
Giant robots versus giant aliens. Five-year-old me is so happy right now.

Legendary Pictures announced that Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming sci-fi movie Pacific Rim makes for a perfect video game cocktail. Japanese game developer Yuke’s Co. Ltd, the creators of the WWE and UFC fighting game series, is developing a Pacific Rim multiplatform video game. Additionally, developer Jump Games will also be developing a coinciding mobile title, as well.

The movie, if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, looks awesome. Giant robots, giant aliens… it even has Ellen McLain, the voice of GlaDOS, as the robot AI! I’m not sure if it is awesome of terrifying, but I’m into it. 

Basically, this should make an amazing game. 

With an entertaining IP and Yuke’s rock solid fighting game track record, this Pacific Rim game has some promise. Usually licensed games are pretty cringe worthy, but if the recent Transformers games are an indication, the times, they are a-changing.

Finally, the good bit: there are some potentially ”leaked” screenshots from the game that depict some hot robot on alien action. All the bots from the trailer all show up and it looks like there is a build-your-own robot mode with a level-up function. Check ‘em out: 

A full imgur gallery from user Sangreal found here.

Pacific Rim is in theaters on July 12. The game release date is still unknown.

Published May. 6th 2013
  • McLain Anderson
    I'm always sketchy when it comes to movie games, but this looks kind of fun! I hope it's not another Star Trek: The Game misstep though... I wish I could erase those memories!

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