Gears of War: Ultimate Edition goes gold, celebrates with trailers & pre-order goodies

Gears of War Ultimate Edition has gone gold & its developer is celebrating with a new trailer plus a behind-the-scenes look at its development.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition developer The Coalition was proud to announce today that the game has officially gone gold. In order to celebrate the end of its development The Coalition has unveiled pre-order goodies, a behind-the-scenes series, and the recreated opening. All to help fans prepare for the Aug 25 release.

They kicked off the festivities by announcing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is now available for pre-order and pre-download through the Xbox Store. The game will be available in both a standard and deluxe edition each with their own special pre-order rewards:

Standard Edition ($39.99 USD) – The landmark original “Gears of War” returns, offering a full digital game download, plus pre-order bonus items including the Adam Fenix and Civilian Anya multiplayer skins and Animated Imulsion Weapon Skin for use in multiplayer matches.

Deluxe Edition ($59.99 USD) – The ultimate “Gears” experience. On top of the Standard Edition items, the Deluxe Edition also includes the Deluxe Weapon Skin Pack featuring 10 different Animated Weapon Skins and 36 standard Weapon Skins, as well as the Civilian Marcus Fenix and Aaron Griffin multiplayer characters.

Knowing that not everyone gets excited for pre-order bonuses, The Coalition let fly the recreated opening cinematic. Called Emergence Day, it should be familiar to long-time Gears fans but they have never seen look like this. Emergence Day shows off how much work The Coalition put into making Gears of War: Ultimate Edition more than a simple makeover.

In fact they are wanting to share the passion that went into making Gears of War: Ultimate Edition with their new weekly behind-the-scenes video series. Each week until the game's launch a new video will pop on, showing us all the development process. That video will include a sneak peek at the five campaign chapters shipping with the game never before released on Xbox.


It looks like Microsoft has learned how much gamers love to see the work that goes into their favorite games after 343's "The Sprint" series. Being able to see the inside of game development is always fun and hopefully will catch on in the industry.


Published Jul. 23rd 2015

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