Postknight Mini Guide: How to Get Siren Scales

How to get Siren Scales at Shello Bay -- explained simply.

So you're in Shello Bay, you're looking through Merchant Stevie's wares, and you see a piece of the tier 2 Seagleam set. Man, that set looks good. And 15 percent additional EXP when you have the whole thing equipped? That's not bad at all.

You want that Seagleam set, I get it. Postknight gets it, too -- which is why Siren Scales are so elusive.

When in the first area, the most elusive items you needed that could buy equipment were copper bars, and getting those is easy enough. Siren Scales aren't quite so easy, but they're not as hard to get as you might expect. Your need for them may change the way you progress in Postknight for the better.

At the signboard of every area you can both turn in quests and pick up deliveries, being a brave knight of the post and all.

Quests are completed as you whack your way through the area, but the deliveries are mini-objectives themselves that send you out on a solo delivery mission. Deliveries are going to be your key to Siren Scales, as well as other rare materials as you progress through the game.

Deliveries and Quests for Scales

Deliveries were easier than actually progressing in Pompon Village, but in Shello Bay, they're more difficult than just heading out and progressing through the story. Make sure you have full health and have upgraded your equipment sufficiently before leaving, and use your skills and potion well while on deliveries to avoid dying. Just be aware not every delivery will give you a scale.

If you're in a real rush for more Siren Scales, you can refresh the delivery list if it's got a long time until it refreshes automatically. Sure, you'll have to watch an ad -- but it's worth it if you're getting close to a coveted Seagleam piece or just want the set.

Some quests also give rare materials like Siren Scales. Be sure to do the quest where you watch an ad, as this one seems to be consistent in giving an area's rare materials.

Merchant Stevie

Alternatively, you can sometimes buy Siren Scales from Merchant Stevie.

Siren Scales do not come up often and are fairly expensive, costing 8 Bag O' Blooplets and 6500 coins. I wouldn't recommend buying them this way unless you need them badly. Don't forget you can refresh the Merchant's stock by watching an ad, just like you can with deliveries.

Let your hunt for Siren Scales teach you that deliveries are at a higher priority than progressing in an area. Always do delivery orders when they are up to keep up with the materials you need to both upgrade and buy equipment.

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Published Feb. 18th 2017

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