Elder Scrolls Online Celebrates One Year Anniversary

With ESO celebrating their one year anniversary, what else is to come from the game in the future?

Bethesda and ZeniMax's Elder Scrolls Online was published April 4th, 2014, and the MMO is celebrating the one year anniversary. Being a frequent and long-time player of the game, it has been a pretty cool experience. To imagine that the game had been out for a year and was doing just so well was amazing. The anniversary was a day to think back on everything we've done and all the things yet to come.

In the days following the celebration, there was a large update for the game as well as some new items on the Crown Market. Now, the Crown Market has received criticism in the past, but now that ESO no longer has a monthly subscription, Zenimax has to make money somehow.

I do not hate the studio nor do I look down on them for adding microtransactions, because I think removing the monthly fee is a big step and a step in the right direction. It's brought many new players to the game who were not able to play the game before due to the monthly fees.

There is much more to come from the game and possibly many more celebrations like this to be had. I am excited for what they will do next, regarding updates and what not. One big question that's being tossed around: 

Are they ever going to complete the map?

People who play the game know that there are parts of the map that are not accessible and have nothing there, but are they ever going to fill it in? Of course, the map is very large, and there is much to explore, and the fact that the game can render all of it and keep it running smooth is amazing. But will it ever be complete? The biggest place that is missing is Skyrim. Of course, some are satisfied with just The Rift and Windhelm, others want to see more, like Whiterun and Markarth. These people are, of course, the die-hard Elder Scrolls and Skyrim fans.



Being a very avid player of Skyrim back in the day (where I one-hundred-percented the game a few times and finished the main story more times than I could count) I was looking forward to seeing some of the cities I know and love in ESO, yet that isn't the case. I am in no way ragging on the game; the new places on the map are still amazing. I love the new places, but it'd just be nice to have some of the nostalgia back.

Either way, it was a big day and a big week for the game and its players and all are looking forward to the future.

Bethesda and ZeniMax


Published Apr. 26th 2018

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