A Wild Wollay Appears! Cube World Still in Development

Wollay is alive! Is Cube World?

Picroma's Wollay and Pixxie have been nary but shadows since their brief appearances as Gamescom in August despite the alpha release of Cube World having gone public and available for purchase in late June. That has changed, in a way.

Wollay made an appearance on Twitter this weekend to reassure Cube World fans:

It's nice to hear word from the man himself, but it's difficult to feel positive about the future of the game with no information on what they have been working on since the game's last patch in July. It's been over three months. Can't we know something?

With Wollay back in the fray, perhaps we will be seeing some new content (and bug fixes) make their way to Cube World soon. The game's fans have waited this long and most said good-bye to their money long ago. Anything on what's to come would be nice at this point.

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Published Oct. 22nd 2013

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