The Best Gaming Podcasts You're Not Already Listening To

Super Gamecast 64

Link: Stitcher

First off, let me blow your mind with this: The Super Gamecast 64 guys have  been creating gaming content for ten years.

Ten. Freakin'. Years.

So if you're, say, immortal and have infinite time to kill, their content might be good to binge after you finish up that seventh playthrough of Oblivion. For the rest of us, Super Gamecast 64 offers a refreshing, offbeat, and decidedly goofy podcast that recaps the most recent gaming news. It's also over 100 episodes deep, so there's that.

Many podcasts advertise irreverent, off-the-wall humor, but few actually deliver on that promise in a way that's also inclusive, unproblematic, and legitimately funny. These guys do. Plus, as of the time of this posting, the most recent episode is called "God of Soft Vore." So there's that.

Published May. 7th 2018

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