The Best Gaming Podcasts You're Not Already Listening To

The Pretty Good Gaming Podcast

Link: YouTube

With upwards of 300,000 subscribers, the podcast offering from Pretty Good Gaming is more than living up to its name. Each week, the hosts not only offer their opinions on breaking gaming news, but also interact with their Patreon subscribers by answering their game-related questions as well. In fact, unlike some of the other podcasts on this list, talking about new gaming news really isn't the focus here. 

Instead of breaking news or interviewing developers or rehashing things you'd rather read right here at GameSkinny, the question-and-answer format offered by this podcast gives it a much more casual vibe than other news-focused shows, though that doesn't mean they're lazy. The production values and editing here are top-notch, and the hosts, though they don't have as many connections as some of the other hosts on this list, are always insightful when answering questions about the future of video gaming.

Published May. 7th 2018

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