Look out Ouya, Google is Developing a Native Android Gaming Device

Google is working on an Android based gaming console. Are we surprised? Not really.

This just in: Android creator Google is working on a game console based on its mobile platform! Are we surprised? Not really.

We Saw this Coming, Google

Amidst the slew of Android based gaming devices: Ouya, Nvidia SHIELD, and the Gamestick to name a few, it comes as no surprise that Google wants in. Why shouldn't Google make a gaming console based on its mobile platform? They've already put out Google branded tablets, phones, and laptops so why not a gaming console?

Google's decision to get into gaming hardware isn't only justified by the fact that they makes the software so many other companies are using for consoles, they also need to keep up with the competition.

The Apple Factor

For a while now, people have been speculating that an upcoming Apple TV may support gaming. As Apple is Google's main competitor in the mobile market, it makes sense that Google would respond to rumors by confirming development of their own gaming device. So far, Google has a one up on Apple, as the latter has yet to confirm any possible gaming console.

But what about the Indies?

I think it goes without saying that Google getting into the gaming market could take a bite out of the revenue stream that other companies, like Ouya, hope to claim. The search engine pros do have considerable clout in the tech world, and plenty of money to throw around, so it wouldn't be surprising if they managed to dominate the Android console market.

What do you think?

Are you excited for the possibility of an official Google gaming console? Or does this cause you to worry for upstarts like Ouya?

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Published Jun. 28th 2013

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