A PS4 Price Drop for Japan, a precursor to the West?

Sony mentioned a price drop in Japan during their Tokyo Game Show conference. There could be a possibility for a worldwide price drop.

During Sony’s Tokyo Game Show conference yesterday there were plenty of game reveals. Sony also revealed that the price of the PlayStation 4 would be dropping, but only in Japan.

The system will apparently be sold for ¥34,980 (around $290/£190) starting in October. It isn’t a huge change as the original price is ¥39,980 (about $330 or £217). Additionally there isn’t a guarantee that this reduced price will be implemented worldwide, which may seem as inconsequential to many gaming fans outside of Japan.

However this is the first time Sony has changed from its initial price for the PS4. The reason could be that the Xbox One outsold the PS4 in North America last year during the holiday season (once they got ride of the standard Kinect accessory). It could be that Sony is trying to match Microsoft’s price for the Xbox One in time for the holidays, hopefully around the world.

microsoft vs sony

Is Sony rising to challenge Microsoft's 8th gen. price?

So if there are people who have been debating on whether to invest the money into a PS4, this holiday season could be a good time. The PS4 has some amazing games, like Bloodborne, in its arsenal and more are on the way this Winter, but with no official word on global price drops we will just have to wait and see.


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Published Sep. 16th 2015

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