World premiere of Kingdom Hearts 3 is here

The long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer has been revealed at Square Enix's Press Conference

Today during the Square Enix Press Conference, Kingdom Hearts 3 was revealed in a brand new gameplay trailer. The trailer was preceded by the world première of the latest game that ties into KH3, Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X.

New Powers, New Design, Same Old Loveable Sora

With the announced release of the Japan-exclusive PC game Kingdom Hearts X coming to smartphones in North America, the world was rewarded for its patience and was given the newest trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. The trailer shows a young Eraques and young Xehanort (before they became masters) playing chess which serves as an undertone for the great battle of light vs darkness. 

Following their dialogue we see the new gameplay mechanics, the new open world environments and new enemies. In addition to the new mechanics, we got to see a glimpse of Sora's new design. This older version of Sora looks amazing! His hair has been cut leaving only the front of his hair spiky, his clothes are still black in color, similar to his KH2 outfit, but the style of clothing has changed completely. 

Other than his new design, we get to see Sora's new powers in action against the Heartless. Sora can now change the shape of his Keyblade and use brand new attacks and magic spells depending on the Keyblade he is wielding. The events after Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance gave Sora the proper training he needed to become a full-fledged Keyblade Master and it appears that these new fighting forms reflect that.

With this trailer out, fans of the series have gotten what they wished for to ties them over until the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 is released. No release date for the game has been confirmed. 

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Published Jun. 12th 2020

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