Why do we need to grind?

Why you need to grind in games

Lately, I have played a lot of games that require me to grind to the point that I go brain-dead from watching the EXP bar go up. It's constant grinding session after grinding session. It's a repetitive process that is similiar to and as tedious as grinding for money in real life. 

Why do it?

Is this really where games are heading? In the direction where it is just a constant grind fest?

I hate grinding. It's a tedious process of facing the same cannon fodder over and over again, or killing a boss so many times that it gets to a point where you only have to look at the boss for it to die. 

Why do we need grinding in video games?

Do you remember the time you grinded in real life, saving up every dime and cent to get that next new system? Remember how rewarding it felt? That's why video games need the grind. It is because grinding in video games gives us that sense of accomplishment. 

No one just wakes up with all the best stats and gear. We have to work to get the things we want. The same goes for video games. Its what creates the sense of purpose and challenge in a game. Grinding is the gaming version of working up towards the goals we wish to achieve.

So, when you feel the grind starting to get tedious. Just remember what you are grinding for.

Why do you grind? Share with me in the comments below!

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Published Aug. 23rd 2015

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