Ultimate Chicken Horse Is Coming To Consoles in Q3 2017

Build levels, set traps, and watch your friends scream in frustration -- all from your sofa.

Clever Endeavour Games has just announced that Ultimate Chicken Horse will be hitting consoles in Q3 2017.

The self-styled "party platformer" was successful upon release for Steam back in March last year.  Porting it over to the living room seems like the next logical step.


Your goal is to take it in turns to build a level as you run through it, adding more and more obstacles as you go. If you can screw over your friends and cause them to fail while you succeed -- for example, by causing them to jump into a buzz saw or take a crossbow bolt in the face -- you'll win. 

Make it too easy for your buddies to reach the end of the level, and no-one wins. It's a precarious balancing act of deviousness and agility and its release on console will certainly make your social area a more interesting place...

The release of the console version will also see an extension to Free Play mode, which will let players create fully functional levels, rather than just building them as they go. This update will be rolled out to PC gamers too, in order to maintain parity between versions. 

Ultimate Chicken Horse will be releasing on  PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this fall.


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Published Feb. 16th 2017

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