Player Levels Mean Nothing in Overwatch

This is a reminder that player levels in Overwatch are not indicative of skill, but of progress and time spent in the game.

The British YouTube gaming channel Unit Lost, which has been putting out tons of Overwatch-related content since the beta, recently uploaded a video regarding most people's perceptions of player levels in the game. Unfortunately, some people just don't seem to grasp the fact that levels are only an indicator of player progress.

Avid Overwatch players who like to play a lot of quick public games may have encountered a few know-it-all's who shout over voice chat what heroes other players should pick. They may justify acting this way because they have a higher level than the rest of the team. But honestly, they're just rubbing people the wrong way.

If you happen to be one of these players, please stop. Since you only need to play games to level up your profile in Overwatch, your level is only indicative of how much time you have spent in-game. Real skill ranking is done through the hidden MMR system. If you're level 20 and get matched up with players who are level 40 or above, then that may mean you're doing well.

Competitive Play for Overwatch is expected to come back later this month, and it will be a more concrete indicator of skill level. While it may not completely stop people from being an annoyance on voice chat, you can at least mute that player until then (press P if you're on the PC or go to the Social menu if you're on the console).



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Published Jun. 16th 2016

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