Colourful Military Game Take Cover Out Now on iOS & Android

From the team that brought you Angry Birds Go! Take Cover is full of action and humour, and is out now for mobiles and tablets.

Following a successful beta, the military-themed game Take Cover from Playdigious and Gamajun Games is available now on iOS and Android, across Europe and North America.

This free-to-play strategy game was put together by the same independent development team behind the popular Angry Birds Go! mobile game.

In Take Cover, you can create your own military base within the jungle and recruit soldiers of varying abilities in your aim to become a successful commander. As you expand your base, you will be able to unlock new abilities and units. There are a number of different ways to combine your troops, abilities, and defenses, and learning the best ways to do this will help you create a strong and unbeatable Special Forces Squad.

The game can be played as both a single player game and against others in PVP battles. The solo campaign places the player against the evil Corporation, and gives you the opportunity to hone your military skills as you learn to deploy your troops in real-time with the right cover at the right time as you make your way through the jungle.

In PVP mode, you can engage other players in battle in order to outsmart them and break through their defenses. You’ll also have the opportunity to steal their resources to use for your own units. This online feature also includes leader boards, so you can share your successes with friends and competition alike.

Take Cover is available to download for free now on Google Play and the App Store.


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Published Aug. 25th 2016

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