Phil Spencer Acknowledges Xbox One's Slow Install Times on Twitter

Xbox One could see a decrease in install times if Phil Spencer has anything to do with it!

After the Xbox One got off to a rough start with the original notion that it would have an always-online requirement, it's since been an uphill battle for the team. Microsoft has come a long way since the announcement and has gone on to sell close to 3 million units

Xbox One team, listening to the people!

The director of Xbox Live, Larry Hryb, recently made statements about how listening to the consumer is one of the team's main goals. They are making strides to change the Xbox One's user interface based on what gamers want and now they are listening again. 

Phil Spencer, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President, acknowledged on Twitter the excessive install times users have been experiencing on the console

 @voice_echoed I agree. We need to get better at chunking our games so the partial install allows game to start sooner.

— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) January 17, 2014

Install times on the console are averaging somewhere around fifteen minutes while its competition, the PlayStation 4, has install times just under a minute. It would be nice to see the team continue to listen and make improvements as they have been. 

Hopefully with Microsoft just barely trailing behind Sony focusing on what their audience wants should help them get sales numbers up. 

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Published Jan. 17th 2014
  • Bradley Sanders
    Well glad to see they know about it but who knows if that will mean anything.

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