9 Best Witcher Quests to Recreate in Dungeons & Dragons

Of Dairy & Darkness

Really want to throw your players for a loop while injecting some levity and creating a whole host of table in-jokes? This cheese-focused quest is ripe for conversion into a tabletop D&D session. With a little work, tyromancy (divination based on studying cheese mold) could become a whole new way to use magic in your campaign.

There's a wizard's laboratory to explore, which is a classic RPG trope, but the twist is that its filled with deadly toxic cheese fumes! Protection From Elements and Gust Of Wind might come in handy here, or the party may need to come up with a more creative way to deal with those hazards.

If you want to include the various lizard, bull, and snake figurines in the quest, they could easily become a Figurine Of Wondrous Power that summons a giant gecko, frilled lizard, snake, or other creepies.

Published Feb. 17th 2020

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