Bloons TD Battles: How to Beat Professor Evil

This is the best loadout and strategy for how to beat Professor Evil in the new challenge for Bloons TD Battles.

The new Professor Evil challenge in Bloons TD Battles pits you against him once again for a nice chunk of change. You will need to survive for 20 full rounds (until Round 21) to beat them, and if you do so, the game will reward you with a pile of gold medallions.

This guide will provide you with all the necessary tips on how to beat Professor Evil. Since your loadout is important for this fight, let's go over that first. 

Best Loadout for Beating Professor Evil

You will need to defend your towers from a series of powerful bloon attacks, including blues, yellows, and ceramics. This is the best loadout to defend against Professor Evil:

  • Dartling Gun: This is the best starting tower. It should be used in multiples, and doesn't have to be super upgraded, as even the default Dartling Gun can easily take you well beyond round 5.
  • Dart Monkey: This is a great follow up to the Dartling Gun, since you can place them a lot closer to the bloons themselves.
  • Juggernaut: This is a heavy artillery, which will be especially useful at the latter stages of the challenge.

Once you have these three types of towers set for your Professor Evil challenge you can continue with the step-by-step strategy.

Best Strategy Against Professor Evil

This challenge is quite deceptive, as the first half of all rounds is quite easy, but right after you reach Round 17 that's where most players lose due to a surprise flurry of Bloon attacks.

If you want to win this challenge, here's how you need to act:

  1. At the start of Round 1 place one Dartling Gun on the bottom edge of the map
  2. At the start of Round 8 place the second Dartling Gun right next to the first one, as this is when the number of Bloons doubles up
  3. At the start of Round 12 place 5-6 Dart Monkeys all along the Bloons path

This should be enough to survive before Round 17, which is where the number of bloons and the speed will increase significantly.

On Round 17:

  1. Sell off both Dartling Guns, since they're useless at this point
  2. Place another Dart Money and upgrade it to a Juggernaut right across the Bloon spawn spot
  3. Activate Super Monkey Fan Club once things get dicey to power up your Dart Monkeys. It'll cost you 6,800 credits, so make sure that you have enough.

Once Round 17 is behind the rest is easy and soon you will win the challenge.

That's all you need to know on how to beat Professor Evil in Bloons TD Battles. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to share it with your friends.


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Published Dec. 2nd 2020

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