Absolver, an online action fighter, announced with trailer

From ex-Ubisoft developers comes Absolver, an online action fighting game where players will engage in intense martial arts and make choices based on trust.

Slocap, a development team comprised of ex-Ubisoft employees, has announced their first project: Absolver, described as an Online Melee Action game. Putting players in control of masked warriors known as Prospects, these ninja-like fighters get up-close and personal with martial combat and swordplay. 

However, as shown in the trailer below, it's not all about ruthlessly beating down on every Prospect you meet. In fact, choices and trust are presented as the core themes of the game. Should you befriend your befallen enemies and forge teams, or decline any such offer for fear of betrayal? 

While the trailer features the exciting prospect of three-on-three battles, included in the game's fact-sheet are game elements not so easily gleaned from the video, such as PvP arenas, PvE dungeons, and a "Combat Deck" where players can customize their fighting styles and weapon choices.

Absolver will release in 2017 for PC and PS4, but it has been confirmed to be shown at this year's E3.

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Published Jun. 14th 2020

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