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Writing Woes

posted by (Contributor) 6 years ago

Having problems with some ideas or think it may not be the right time? Maybe just waiting for GamerGate to pass?

Currently, that's how it has been feeling for me. I saw some things quickly leading up to it happening, felt writing about some things just wasn't the right time. it feels like anything that is posted is just going to get pulled right into the matter what side it is. Someone is going to try to do it.

So difficult. I don't like walking on eggshells, y'all. Not cool. :/

  • Kitten Mother
    Sorry, got a bit of sleep. >.< Went too early so now I'm up at almost three in the morning... bah!

    Jay: This is, partly, why I'm so worried, While I have the ideas ( and that's just fine ), I do tend to think a bit too much about upsetting someone even if it wasn't my fault to begin with. I suppose I just think too much on the smaller things that get me stuck. >.< I'm not a well-known type so it shouldn't matter near as much as I worry it will.

    Chai: :) Thanks! I tend to try not to rattle any chains or anything so I've gotten under some folks' nerves with not taking sides so much so. When it comes to all of this such as the current goings-on with GamerGate and NotYourShield, I tend to think about other things besides trying to "win" arguments with people that just look to get into fights. For some reason that bothers people.

    Tiquor: I was wondering why the forums aren't used so much! Was kinda worried I overstepped by posting. o.O; I really do like to talk about stuff and it end up giving me ideas or at least that "spark" of creativity to want to write. That seems to be a bit of a weak point, I suppose. I can think of something I want to write about but my interest and thinking has to be "pumped up" and let the mind flow. I tend to pester my friends to talk with me sometimes just so I can get to writing something. :P
  • Stephen F. Johnston
    Featured Contributor
    While we at GameSkinny want well written,thoughtful articles on the site the forums exist to let out the less polished side of our expression. Have at it! If you get those thoughts refined into article form then do that too!
  • Chai Chien Liang
    If you have an opinion just share it with us, everyone has their own point and it's good to hear from more writers
  • Jay Prodigious
    Just write from your heart, write what you know. You can always defend what you know if you get called out. Just do what comes natural, if you're a writer, and it will flow easily and you wont even need to worry about walking on egg shells.

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