The Best Minecraft Seed Sites - Where to find the Best Seeds

Minecraft is massive, so make your world your own with various seeds. GameSkinny is a perfect place to find many!

Minecraft is honestly one of the biggest and most popular video games ever released. The concept is so incredibly simple: the player just needs to have an imagination to build anything and everything conceivable. Seeds are a great starting point for any Minecraft venture, but finding the good ones can sometimes be difficult. 

A quick Google search would bring you to a few sites that compile seeds, but this article should point you to the very best in even less time. The more options you have, the more chances there are for finding the very best seed. GameSkinny, for example, has quickly become one of the premier websites for almost everything Minecraft, including game world seeds. We have compiled over 180 Community-Curated Seeds into one place.

Here are the best places to look for Minecraft seeds:


Over time, GameSkinny has managed to acquire some of the very best Minecraft-focused writers in the industry. These talented men and women spend their time scouring the Internet for the best seeds so you, the player and reader, can enjoy your game even more. 

With numerous articles focused on various styles, including City Seeds, Peaceful Builds, and even Ocean Seeds for the more experienced builder in all of us.


Minecraft Seeds is simple and to the point. The website was built with one focus in mind: world seeds. Their homepage features some of the most recently submitted seeds discovered by the community, and they even have a nifty search function for different game versions, including console, pocket, and various PC versions.

You can search for something more specific, too. For example, if you want to find an abandoned mineshaft to explore and build in, they have seeds for that. Some are pretty basic, like "Good Seed," but you can always build epic castles and cities here.

MC PE Hub:

Another small website focused entirely on Minecraft seeds, MC PE is growing quickly as a spot the community can turn to for new world seeds. They have plenty more, though, so fret not. Textures, skins, mods, and even game servers are listed. Much like GameSkinny, it could turn into a one-stop spot for Minecraft players.

Players can submit their own seeds for the rest of the community, or simply get a new seed code to use in their own game. Unlike MinecraftSeeds.Net, this website has a Category function to help you locate different biome-specific areas, such as Caverns, Diamonds, Flat, or Mountain.


Reddit has always been the spot where the Internet converges, so it should be no surprise to anyone that they have an entire sub-Reddit specifically for Minecraft seeds. Here, people can post their own seeds directly to the page instead of submitting to a specific website.

Sifting through the thousands of posts can be quite problematic, though, and it isn't nearly as active as it potentially could be. The most recent update comes from 4 days ago, when someone offered a village seed. It is difficult to deny the variety and scope of the seeds available, though.

In the end, no other website offers the variety, details, and experience that GameSkinny can offer. The wide expanse of available seeds, the carefully curated lists crafted specifically for you, the player, and the history of the player writing lends a hand to ensure you're receiving the correct information.

Published Nov. 13th 2015

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