Twitch TV and YouTube's Machinima Tie the Knot

Machinima will now be streaming on, a popular streaming site for gaming, and Machinima, a YouTube channel geared toward gamers, have joined forces. The two companies made a deal which will, most likely, help both expand greatly.

Machinima will now be hosting some of its videos on Twitch. With its focus on live content, Twitch is a very attractive partner for Machinima. Twitch, in turn, will also see an increase in viewer count as Machinima is already a well-known name. Not all of Machinima’s content may cross over, but the press release does state that “live, in-house, and eSports content” will all be viewable on Twitch.

While Twitch generally gets over 45 million viewers a month, Machinima draws in more than four times that number. In fact, they tend to see a monthly viewer count that is upwards of 203 million.

This partnership kicked off in style. Machinima’s annual Call of Duty: Ghosts marathon is being streamed on Twitch. It will continue to stream 24 hours a day for the next 7 days. It should be interesting to see how Twitch and Machinima's partnership develops, especially over the next few months.

Published Nov. 5th 2013

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