Overwatch Guide: Reaper Info and Tips

Make your enemies fear the Reaper with this Overwatch guide!

In Overwatch, Reaper is a strong offensive character that wields dual shotguns. He looks as you would expect, cool, epic, amazing, and *insert positive word here*.

Besides being one of the best looking characters in the game, which is a fact by the way, he is great at ghosting (literally) behind enemy lines for surprise attacks. If you like short-range fights, teleporting, and all around badassery, then Reaper is for you.

This guide will cover everything about the hero Reaper in Overwatch including:

  • Reaper Basic Info - A little of Reaper's background and descriptions of his abilities.
  • Reaper Combat Tips - Tips for using Reaper effectively. 

Reaper Basic Info

Not much is known about Reaper except for the fact that is a terrorist, mercenary, and badass killing machine. He has no loyalty to any organization or person and leaves dead bodies in his wake.

It is thought that he is an experiment gone wrong, and his killing pattern suggests he is hunting down former Overwatch agents.

Overwatch Reaper abilities

  • (Passive) The Reaping - Collect the souls of your fallen enemies to restore health.
  • Hellfire Shotguns - His main weapons are short-range shotgun that deal immense damage up close and personal-like.
  • Wraith Form - Move faster and become invulnerable, but you cannot shoot because duh, would be OP.
  • Shadow Step - Teleport to a targeted location after a short time. For some reason he must cross his arms and contemplate before doing this.
  • (Ultimate Ability) Death Blossom - Spins around to damage all enemies in a 360noscope fashion.

Reaper Combat Tips

Reaper is an offense character, so you only need to mostly worry about the pewpew. Even though his difficulty is listed as low, and many will say he is good for beginners, he take some extra effort to master. This is due to, well, all of his abilities.

  • Don't run in like the Juggernaut or Leeroy Jenkins
    • Yes you have shotguns, no you aren't invincible, so don't play like you are.
  • Always try to flank the enemy
    • Reaper can kill most enemies in a couple shots, or at least a full clip, so surprise enemies by going around and attacking them from the side or behind.
  • Use Shadow Step to sneak behind people
    • Shadow Step can really help, but there is a delay before and after. Make sure you do this out of sight and that your location is not in your enemies' field of vision.

Overwatch Reaper combat

  • Wrath Form saves lives, particularly yours
    • On of Reaper's biggest strengths is the ability to go into wraith form. This will save you from so many would be deaths, it is not even funny.
    • You can even going into groups of enemies to kill a person or 2, then use wraith form to escape.
  • If you can't flank the enemy, stay near teammates
    • Reaper is very close-range, so you don't want the enemy to see you out in the open and go to town on you.
    • Weave in and out of teammates and stay near and/or around the tank area if you have one on your team.
  • Master the art of deception
    • Reaper is a ruthless killing machine that doesn't play by the rules. If you have enemies after you, lead them back into teammates.
    • If you are getting shot near said teammates, use them as cover while you get into position. Sharing is caring.
  • Death Blossom leaves you very vulnerable
    • If you leap into a group of enemies and use Death Blossom haphazardly, they will be the ones saying "Die, Die, Die"!
    • It is always better to try to take out an enemy or 2, then go for the Ultimate.
    • Again, use flanking and Shadow Step to your advantage, then you show off your Play of the Game skills with Death Blossom.

That's it for my Overwatch Reaper Info and Tips. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or QQing about Reaper!

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Published May. 7th 2016

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