Kickstarter Games: The Settlers of Catan Adventure Box

Check out this fantastic Kickstarter for a compact, elegant way to store your Settlers of Catan game.

Board games aren't always packaged in a great way. Dominion is a fantastic deck-building game, but its boxes are far too cumbersome. X-Wing is almost impossible to put back into its original case. Board games boxes are usually made of cardboard and held together with tape and hope. With classics like Settlers of Catan, which you'll keep until all of the components fall to pieces, it can be a hassle to store a slowly degrading box. 

Which is where Adventure Box comes in. Marketed as "the premier solution to condensing, protecting and showcasing your Settlers of Catan board game," Adventure Box is a high quality, attractive box for transporting and storing your Catan game. 

Prototyped after a Amtrak journey and originally made from an old beer box, the Adventure Box is equal parts form and function. A lot of extra space is used in board game boxes for plastic connectors and packaging meant to keep the pieces from rubbing together and getting mixed. The Adventure Box cuts out of the unnecessary space. It's also really pretty. From the cheaper "Woody," to my personal favorite "Rainbow," the box has a fantastic amount of design. 

The "Woody" variety features birchwood and acrylic, but the other two varieties ("Rainbow" and "Frosty") feature all acrylic. Also, the thing holding everything together? That's a pair of rubber bands. And that really works for me. 

If you're looking for a high-quality way to store Catan, there is really not a more attractive option than this. To find out more, check out the Adventure Box Kickstarter.

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Published Jan. 8th 2014
  • Jackie Jones
    Thanks for sharing this! Catan is such a great game to travel with, but it's so bulky in the box and the alternative solution of shoving it all in a scarf or paper bag feels janky. This is a smart way to make communal games more portable. Cool project!
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    And those boxes -- the ones it came in -- even if you're not porting it around all the time, are just cardboard. They break down over time and usually faster than the pieces.

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