8 Best Creative Minecraft Servers 2019

Server: MC Atlas

If you've ever wanted near-complete freedom to create your own world in the real world, then MC Atlas might be for you.

It's a server built on the old Ruincraft server and is designed to re-create the entire world in Minecraft form, with a 1:1,000 scale of the entire planet. 

You can build empires, focus on city-building, form national alliances with others, implement PvP in your specific area, or just be a hermit in a big world if that takes your fancy. MC Atlas also offers real-life weather features and ore deposits.

It also lets players group up with others and build Towns inside creative mode. The main page is still a bit barren, but fortunately, the Discord indicates it's a pretty active community. Unless you do want to be a hermit, there'll be plenty of folks to get building with.

There are some rules to note, though, which makes sense for such a big world. For starters, you don't get world edit and can't completely remake the world as you see fit.

Chop down some trees? Okay. Destroy an entire mountain range or block all water access to your lair? That's a no-no.

You can check out MC Atlas in more detail here.

Published Sep. 27th 2019

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