8 Best Creative Minecraft Servers 2019

Server: Minecraft Middle Earth

If you do want to re-create Tolkien's universe, then head on over to Minecraft Middle Earth. This is a purely creative server — absolutely nothing else on offer and no options to start anything else. The one goal is to build Middle Earth as you see fit.

You can do your own freebuilding, either just for the sake of it or to practice working on getting a certain style down.

However, you can also take part in organized community projects that take advantage of everyone's creativity to build things like towns, caves, and basically anything else in Middle Earth.

Members take on specific roles on the server, too, like builder or artistic designer, one who welcomes newbies, or just the average rank and file builder. Play nice and work hard, and you can potentially take on a new role if you so desire.

Check out more details and images here.

Published Sep. 27th 2019

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