8 Best Creative Minecraft Servers 2019

Server: UberMC.net

A lot of the bigger Minecraft servers don't have freebies and gate things behind votes. UberMC.net is one of the bigger servers with a store, but its creative server gives you a remarkable amount of freedom.

You get instant access to seven 70x70 plots, and you're free to claim them and turn them into a mega plot if you want. You don't get world edit, but you do get all physics enabled.

There's an impressive number of options available as well, including more than 1,500 different block types. These range from food and characters, to interior design blocks, and even Pokemon. 

Unlike some creative servers, you can use creative here to build your own games within games. UberMC has mini-game sections and the like, but you're free to make your own, and you can even turn your massive plot into a self-contained roleplaying experience.

It's basically the essence of the Minecraft experience, and you can see it yourself here.

Published Sep. 27th 2019

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