Free to play MachineCraft enters Steam Early Access tomorrow

Did you ever want to build a giant robot? As of tomorrow, you can with the Steam Early Access release of free to play MachineCraft.

Have you ever wanted to let your imagination go wild and build giant machines? As of tomorrow, you can with the Steam Early Access release of the free-to-play Japanese title MachineCraft, developed and published by G2CREW. Build a car, truck, tank, robot, or even The Batmobile. Your imagination only limits the possibilities of creation.

What is MachineCraft?

MachineCraft is a Japanese simulation game where the player can build anything imaginable using blocks. Players will be able to use plastic chassis and functional parts which will allow them to create a variety of shapes and movements for their creations.

A variety of example creations include basics such as cars, bikes and trucks up to more complex models like transforming robots, arm-cranes, and helicopters. Players will also be able to set up stages using blocks, such as racing tracks or the scene for a gigantic robot showdown within a city.

There will be multiplayer options available, where players can make a room and apply their rules, and a maximum of thirty people may join at any one time. At present, the multiplayer consists of as the developer describes it "lounging around" but plans on enhancing competition later in development.

What will be available in Early Access?

G2CREW have stated that the machine construction mechanic is currently at 80% completion. The stage or environment construction mechanic is currently at 50% but may be subject to a rewrite, and multiplayer is at 30% completion.

Most of the core mechanic of the game will be available to players from the very beginning of Early Access. The ability to create practically anything the player can imagine however is sure to keep them extremely busy while new features are later added.

MachineCraft is looking like it is going to be a bundle of fun where players can let their inner engineer go wild with creativity. It will be available on Steam tomorrow and is free for anyone to play.

What are your thoughts on MachineCraft? Will you be trying it out? What creative machine ideas do you have? Let me know in the comments below!


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Published Mar. 24th 2016

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