GTAOnline Will Have Microtransactions

Will Rockstar integrate micro-transactions to the online component of its hugely popular game?

Rockstars' upcoming Grand Theft Auto Online, the anticipated online component to the incredibly popular Grand Theft Auto 5, will have a micro-transaction system when it is released on October 1st. 

Micro-transactions are one of the "dirty words" of gaming, and Rockstar is not immune to this response. There hasn't been an official announcement from Rockstar as of yet in regards to the micro-transaction system -- it was discovered by a Reddit user in a plain, publicly viewable XML file on the game's online store. The find also featured four images of in-game cash cards in a variety of denominations. 

As Eurogamer reported: 

The Red Shark Cash Card will give $100,000 of in-game money, while the Tiger Shark Card nets $200,000. The Bull Shark Cash Card equates to $5000,000, and finally the Great White Shark Cash Card will grand $1,250,000. 

Fans, and original Reddit poster 1880 have speculated that this micro-transaction system explains why it is so difficult to make money in game in GTAV. Stocks and properties, two of the primary systems, are functional but not big money makers. Heists are pretty much the only way to generate currency, and they're relatively spaced out. 

Current speculation is that the cash will be for cosmetic changes primarily -- like buying and customizing new cars. Fans are still pretty upset. As one Reddit user, ARCHIE22196 put it,

"This would be so awful seriously, I spent $120 on this game, don't make me spend any more money to enjoy online." 

The text description states that; 

Cash is king in this town. Solve your money problems and help get what you want across Los Santos and Blaine County with the purchase of cash packs for Grand Theft Auto Online. All purchased cash is automatically deposited into your character's bank account. Spend wisely, cash therapy is fleeting.

Fans point to a growing industry trend with games featuring micro-transaction systems. However, at its lowest, GTAV costs $60. An additional micro-transaction system, even if it's just for online play and even if it is just for cosmetic changes, seems to some fans like highway robbery. 

What do you think? Should GTA V incorporate micro-transactions? 

Published Sep. 24th 2013
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  • Clay
    Featured Contributor
    I'm pretty sure anything online having micro transactions are to be expected at this point.
  • CPG ChuckNorris
    Honestly, who cares, if you don't want to spend real money on in-game money why don't you... oh I don't know? NOT SPEND REAL MONEY ON IN-GAME MONEY! However if you do want to, why should they prevent you from doing so just because 4/5 people don't want to? Removing a feature which is completely optional to the user is a stupid request for gamers to make! The modern gamer acts like a hardcore game critic, but without any of the knowledge needed to actual fairly judge a game or its features. Look at the Xbox One... everyone I know complained about every tiny detail, and now, nearly every good feature has been removed. Now gamers have to go looking at 5 stores to find a copy of a game, contribute to global warming with the production of the disk and its case (plus shipping), buy a new copy if the disk is damaged, have the cases take up shelf space, and a disk tray needs to be added to the new console... and for what? The user satisfaction of owning a shiny disk? What is wrong with people! Also devs are now once again limited in how they can update games, which they wouldn't be if the must have internet connection once every 2 days to be able to play offline feature stil existed. This one is not as bad as everyone makes it to be. No one even realizes that by "connection every 2 days" they don't mean, turn on your xbox and sign in every 2 days, but that your console must be hooked up at some point every 48 hours, and you don't need to "turn it on and log in" as it is always on. Now... the Kinect privacy... I laugh at this, do you actually think microsoft has enough workers to watch 24/7 footage from several million consoles? NO! It is impossible for them to spy on "you" as that would mean that they need 2 workers for every console sold, each working a 12 hour rotational shift. Sorry to say this, but you are more likely to be spied on by someone hacking your computer webcam. However if you still feel "overly paranoid of government Illuminati spies", just don't commit that murder you are planning in front of the damn thing! People look for any reason to complain about anything, because if it isn't flying cars and a cure for cancer, its not good enough. I wish people would cut the cr@p and take whats given to them, did anyone ever mention the x16 higher processing power, built in video recording and editing program, new helpful Kinect commands, Skype, cloud, personal experience of the dashboard? Nope, because we want it to look like we are getting a piece of cr@p so we can feel sorry about ourselves. And let's face it, we can all make a much better console ourselves right?

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