Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign available now for consoles

Marvel and D3 Publisher has brought Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign to consoles. Check out the trailer!

It's somewhat of a rarity these days to find solid, quality video game titles in the app stores. iOS games are made by literally anyone who feels so obliged, and so many are either extremely poor quality or an attempt to copy the success of another title with a sub-par clone.

Marvel and D3 Publisher aimed to change things two years ago when they released what has now become their 'match-3' hit Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign. Featuring a constantly growing roster of heroes and villains from the Marvel universe, the game has done exceedingly well throughout the years, and D3 has continued to support the game with constant updates and in-game events that keep things fresh.

Seeing this, it's no surprise that they've decided to bring their puzzle hit to consoles. Marvel recently released a trailer for the console version, which shows off a much more functional layout overall, while still keeping all the aspects players have come to know and love about the game.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is available on Playstation3, Playstation 4, and Xbox One now for $14.99.


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Published Oct. 19th 2015

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