Yes! You Can Get a Job Playing Video Games at Globalstep

Globalstep takes on the hard job of Beta testing games.

It's a dream job, right?

Imagine going to work each day and getting paid to play video games? Could I sit at my desk in my PJ's too?

Globalstep LLC might be the ticket for you. But, you can't work in PJs.

Someone Has To Do It

With literally thousands of games being developed on various platforms every year, having a polished and tested product is critical for success. This can be an issue especially for smaller, independent developers who can't afford hiring entire teams of testers or be able to set up large beta tests of their products.

Now, Globalstep offers a game testing and issue reporting service to give game producers an unbiased test of their products.

This is not a fly-by-night, small-time outfit we're talking about here. They're led by a professional and experienced team with some 65 combined years in business management and the video game industry.

Management also has the support of an advisory board with long, notable resumes in the gaming industry at some of the biggest and most successful companies.

These guys mean business.

And they're hiring.

Have You Got What It Takes?

Avid gamer? Good communication skills? Good observer? A patient eye for detail?

You could be the gamer they're looking for. Pop by their website ( or if you're at the E3 show today, stop by their booth.


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Published Jun. 13th 2013
  • GS Employee
    As a GS employee I just want to set the record straight,
    All employees have to wear formal office wear (Shirt or collared t-shirts with pants or denims(non ripped) and shoes (Monday to Wednesday) after which on thursday and friday t shirts are permitted.
    As a game tester the starting salary on contract is 10,000 INR which is incremented to 12,000 INR when and if the tester is made permanent.
    All appraisals are always late by at least 5 months after which the company will pay the accumulated arrears but will give the subsequent appraisal a year from the current date on which the arrears were cleared and not the actual date of the intended appraisal.
    This company is a small bureaucratic company with huge egos at the helm and anyone who knows the art of ass kissing can get very far very fast. Most of the older employees don't work even though the company accepts projects from all company's who want their testing done in the cheapest rates imaginable(which is this company's USP - we are cheap). Lastly 98% of the time the number of employees required to complete the daily project deadlines are far far lesser than the actual number required. Employees do 2-3 projects in a day staying for at times 24hrs a day before they get to go home for about 6 hrs and get paid a min of 75 INR to 150 INR an hour for the overtime.
    Yes i am a disgruntled employee coz i love games with a passion and hate how us passionate ppl are taken advantage of.

    If this post is actually posted I appreciate your commitment to the games industry and to exposing the slave drivers in Globalstep LLC.

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