SMITE celebrates 10 million players with Kevin Sorbo as Hercules

Kevin Sorbo lifts. Do you?

As a reward for the SMITE community's growth and loyalty, Hi-Rez Studios has announced the return of a classic skin for the playable character Hercules, accompanied by unique voice acting performed by none other than the Greek demigod himself, Kevin Sorbo. 

For the unaware, Kevin Sorbo played Hercules in the 1990s television program Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, the same program that spawned the cult classic Xena: Warrior Princess

This skin hasn't been available since SMITE's beta release, as many playable characters were redesigned for the game's launch. Hi-Rez Studios executive producer Chris Larson first teased this skin in a tweet last month, and the community is asking for more.

To unlock this skin (and accompanying voice pack) for yourself, make sure to log in and play SMITE during August's "10 Millionth Player Celebration." Win 10 matches and the beard is yours, absolutely free.

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Published Jul. 24th 2015

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