Armed Seven Gets a Seven

Armed Seven proves to be a very worth mecha shooter game. Can you defend the Earth Federation?

Armed Seven is a pretty good 2D mecha shooting game that has just released a few days ago. So, I decided to do a review about the game since it struck me as pretty intense. Now, these kind of games were never my cup of tea, but I gotta admit this one is sweet. Of course there are things I didn't particularly enjoy, but overall it's a very good game.

Armed Seven's Storyline

I know with mecha shooting games there aren't too much of storylines, and Armed Seven has a pretty straight forward one. The game is set in the year of 1989, 12 years after the Gogoh's army invaded Earth. Although peace has returned to Earth, it was abruptly broken after an underground military, the 'Neo Loran Order' has arrived with stolen weapons from the Federation. It's your job to take them down in the mecha style. Fight your way through levels, and defeat the Neo Loran.

Good things in Armed Seven - Customizations

A good part in Armed Seven would have to be the types of customizations you can do with your mecha weapon. You can choose different specifications in categories such as main weapon, sub weapon, and charge weapon. They all have their benefits and drawbacks, but they make for great ways to win or lose your game. Pick your favorite combination, and defend the Earth Federation.

Bad things in Armed Seven - Main Screen

As I was starting up the game I found it difficult to select things. I understood you scrolled using the ASWD or the arrow keys, but when trying to select it wasn't the Enter button or the mouse. I ended up just hitting every button on my keyboard until it would let me play.


I come to find out the select/shoot button is Z while the pause button is left ALT. I found this to be a bit of a shortcoming, since when you aim to play a game, the menu should be easy to flow through. If I was making it, I would have a select button such as Enter or mouse clicking, and have a separate shooting button. For me it's these little keys that make up how people perceive the game.


If you expect a normal mecha gameplay you would be right in doing so. Within the game you play as a mecha fighter in a side-scrolling action shooter game. Face foes and bosses while going through 5 different levels. You'll be able to earn 16 achievements, and choose from 4 different difficulty levels: Easy to Insane. If you think you have the power to go on Insane, by all means do so! I wasn't even able to play through Easy, but I'm not really accustomed to these types of games. After a few rounds I might be able to maximize my score, but that will be for another day.

If you feel up for the challenge, you can purchase the game by itself, or with the Groupees Build a Doujin Bundle 2. Both will be available through Desura, GamersGate, Rice Digital, and Steam Greenlight.

Our Rating
Armed Seven proves to be a very worth mecha shooter game. Can you defend the Earth Federation?

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Published Oct. 16th 2013

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