Crusader Kings 3 Mods: Best Mods on Steam Workshop

SarcFa's Custom Ruler Designer

Download the mod here

If you've exhausted your options when creating the perfect ruler, or if you just want to create yourself and see how far you go in the world of Crusader Kings 3, this is the mod for you.

It allows you to design a custom ruler and immediately take over any house you like, going through an event dialogue tree that fits in with most of the events in the game.

With Custom Ruler Designer, Download the mod hereyou'll pick things like age, appearance, traits, attributes, and skill levels. There's even a rule you can turn on so you only have a certain number of skill points to allocate (if you're worried about keeping things fair).

Once you are finished with the in-game event, which triggers to get all of the gears moving, the mod kills off the ruler you started with and disinherits their immediate heirs, putting your custom ruler in charge. Good luck out there, newbie.

Published Oct. 6th 2020

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