Crusader Kings 3 Mods: Best Mods on Steam Workshop

Shattered World

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One of the most satisfying runs in Crusader Kings 3 is when you start with a character on the lowest rung of royalty and work your way to a dynasty controlling the known world. Becoming the Holy Roman Emperor after starting with just a single title to your name is about the closest you can get to "beating" CK3.

So, what if every character had to do that?

That's the concept behind Shattered World. This mod allows you to break up every kingdom and empire into individual counties.

A slider at the beginning of the game lets you achieve different levels of "shattering," but the key is that Shattered World puts everyone on a level playing field: one ruler, one county.

From there, it's a scramble to see who can conquer foes and amass enough power to stay afloat faster. It's a fascinating new way to start a game of CK3.

Published Oct. 6th 2020

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