How to get 2,222 FREE Coins in Super Mario Run

Get 2,222 free coins in Super Mario run with this easy tip.

The simple answer: Just Log In.To celebrate the launch of Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo has decided to distribute 2,222 free coins in their popular mobile game Super Mario Run. All you have to do to collect your free gift is simply log into the game -- no strings attached.No need to purchase Fire Emblem Heroes or Mario's $10 dollar full game to collect the gift.You can retrieve your coins by jumping into the gift box, and then spend them on whatever your heart desires, in order to celebrate the release of Fire Emblem Heroes -- by playing a Mario game?In addition to this gift Super Mario Run also released new content with a "Golden Goomba" event till February 20 and established an easy mode as well.Super Mario Run launches on Android this March, but has been out on iOS for sometime, so are you going to collect 2,222 coins? Let me know if anything has gone wrong in the comments below!


Published Feb. 7th 2017

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