The Most Savage Kills in For Honor

The combat in For Honor is brutal and savage. Here are some of the best moments from the game that you must see.

Clean tactics, dirty tactics, honorable tactics -- all are allowed in For Honor. While Overwatch has its PotG (play of the game), For Honor players get to show off some merciless and downright savage kills.

If you didn’t have the chance to play For Honor during the open beta, don’t worry -- the game is now officially released and you can try all the dirty tricks listed below on your own characters.

Nobushi wins the Brawl

This is pretty much a masterclass for all Samurai/Nobushi players on how to handle two opponents at the same time. The key to victory here is in the Revenge mode that makes you attack non-stop by poking both enemies really fast without letting them hit you even once.

You don’t even need to fight

Levers and proper timing could be your best friends in this game. Actually, there are several traps like this in For Honor. If you know how to use them right, then you don’t even need to engage in the fight, and the game will still register them as your kills.

Never gang up against the Viking

This clip shows why guard breaking is so difficult to execute in For Honor. Even when 4 other players team up against one experienced warrior, who constantly manages to Revenge his opponents, guard breaking seems almost impossible, but unfortunately it is the only way out of such situation.

Elephants will destroy you!

The elephant charge is only possible in the story mode, so if you still haven’t tried that out, then you definitely should. This ability is available during the Samurai Chapter. The question is: Why isn’t it available in all modes? Oh, Ubisoft…

Just throw them in the water

Camping at the wharf may not be the best idea, especially when a Conqueror player is approaching you in full gear. Of course, you might try guard breaking and all that, but there is a huge chance that you will just end up in the water.

Dominion at its best!

For Honor has several multiplayer modes, such as 1v1, 2v2, but the 4v4 Dominion mode is the only one that allows for these perfect types of dramatic encounters. And obviously, you need to be good at the game, too.

I just wanted a hug

Here’s a hint for everybody: if you want to grab your opponent on the run, make an attack or a short stop. This is how you can avoid being killed, but if you’re not careful -- death happens instantly. Many players have been baited by this simple, but totally avoidable trick.

Honorable Seppuku

Who said that only Samurai can commit an honorable Seppuku for the glory of their teammates? Knights can do it too, and just as beautiful.

It’s great, when you can deal with your enemies without dying yourself, but at times of desperation you just need that Catapult Strike going off no matter what.

Ladders can be dangerous, too

This is another trap in the game that can be used to deal with multiple enemies, although without lethal outcome. Mostly people get knocked off and you win some more time before they get back at you. But it’s a cool mechanic nonetheless, at least for those who are up the ladder.

The best duel in the game

This demonstrative duel between Warden and Kensei shows how to parry, feint, grab counter, and do other cool stuff. It also shows a few mistakes, such as, when Kensei character could rather attack instead of pushing Warden after guard breaking. A few solid heavy attacks would have ended the fight much faster, but then we wouldn’t have the chance to enjoy the rest of the duel.

Ladder combat?! Oh no!

Here’s some more fun on ladder -- probably one of the most hateful and dishonorable tactics in the game, but hey, the win is a win. Let’s just hope that not too many players will use this mean trick to their advantage.

If you have trouble dealing with your opponents in For Honor, then here are a few guides that will help you master all three factions of warriors:


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Published Feb. 17th 2017

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