'Damned' a Horror Game - Early Access on Steam

A new multi-player horror game to knock your socks off. By 9heads Game Studios brings us Damned on Steam just in time for Halloween

Many people have raved about how badly Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs was set up, and now there's a new horror game to tickle your taste buds or wear out your vocal cords. This game would be called Damned. You can expect some bugs in the early access edition, but this game will freak anyone out, and just in time for Halloween!

Why will this game wear out my vocal cords?

A major reason this game will make you scream in horror is the fact it's multi-player and co-op. You'll be able to play online with up to 5 people each game. This means there will be 4 survivors and 1 monster. Much different from how Amnesia is set up, and I find the multi-player capabilities to be a bit more scary. After all, NPCs and AIs are only so good. The scenery will be changing as you're trapped in haunted locations such as hotels and hospitals.

Another horror-ish feature about the game is the fact your camera doesn't really change. It's as if you're holding a flash-light and you can only seen in the vision of the light as you're moving around.

How is it being a survivor?

As a survivor your main job is to find a way out, and to help your friends get out as well. As a team building game, you'll be looking around and opening objects to hopefully find helper objects, such as keys. This game will put you on the edge of your seat as you hear ghostly sounds and swear you saw that figure in the darkness. Don't lose your mind too much as you avoid a monster that's out there to kill your friends and yourself. Each monster will change, and they will have different haunting styles.

Damned mimics the Amnesia style in the fact the player won't be able to hurt the monster. If the monster finds you good luck, you better run away and hide. As the game is randomized, the setting and objects will change each time. Something you swore was in the hospital might not be there when the setting returns to the hospital.

What about being the monster?

Being the monster sounds like the most fun in my opinion. You'll be facing up against a team of four survivors and your job is to freak them out. You need to also attack them when available, but they're also afraid of you. Being a different monster each time will test your abilities, and I bet you'll find the one that fits you perfectly. The only question is how you're going to hunt and kill the survivors.

Here's an example of the co-op abilities of Damned. WARNING: SCARY

9heads Game Studio definitely pushed out a wonderful looking horror game that will scare the socks off anyone that plays. I for sure won't be playing this one alone! The only question for you guys is, will you be trying it out? Leave me a comment with your opinion!

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Published Sep. 27th 2013

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