Have You Ever Wanted To Be Part Of A Podcast?

I'm trying to get a group of well spoken people who would like to be apart of a podcast.

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to make a quick post about what I've been working on for a few days now.

I've always enjoyed making video's on YouTube about video games as a hobby for a few years now and over the past week I've started getting my feet wet with writing articles here on the site, but now I would like to try and find some like minded people who would like to make a podcast with me.

The podcast will be based around gaming and game related topics, but I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on other things we could do to make it stand out. If you're interested in being apart of the podcast just let me know in the comment below and we'll talk more about the details of the podcast. Thanks for reading.


Published May. 23rd 2013
  • EdibleKnife
    Sounds interesting. I'd be down for some podcasting. You could try mixing in some old school gaming discussion topics each cast (Favorite N64 game, first gaming Xmas present?) Or some generic game-related questions/discussions (Favorite save points, Times you've broken controllers, etc.)
  • ShackAttackMike
    Thank you very much for the comment mate. When I know more info about what I'll be doing with it and what not I might contact you about being in the podcast. Thanks for the ideas.

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