The 10 Best (And Worst) Mega Man Robot Masters

Sheep Man

Design: 5/10

Attack Pattern: 7/10

Coolness Factor: 5/10

TOTAL: 17/30

It's a sheep, true, but I've got to give credit where it's due because at least Sheep Man looks more or less like a sheep. Sort of. Well, he's a lot closer than many of the others anyway, and he doesn't look half bad. The horns and that glare only prove that this guy means business.

Firing bouncing balls of electricity and the fact that he can turn into clouds quite frequently make him a contender against the player. Said clouds proceed to discharge bolts of lighting and have an almost impressive rate of fire, which gives you a fair bit to account for and dodge. Sheep Man may not have the best programmed AI but it is among some of the better ones.

The attempt is solid because it's not often that you run into a sheep with a nasty attitude; especially one that can give you a run for your money. At the end of the day, though, he's still just a ball of fluff with conductors poking out of his back.

Published Dec. 1st 2016

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