The 10 Best (And Worst) Mega Man Robot Masters

Pharaoh Man

Design: 8/10

Attack Pattern: 2/10

Coolness Factor: 10/10

TOTAL: 20/30

The design of Pharoah Man has to be one of my favorite, even though he appears to be somewhat bland at a glance. It's a sturdy build indicative of an armored warrior. The black and yellow -- two of the six traditional Egyptian colors -- are topped of by the fact that he's even wearing a Nemes Crown, just in case you didn't know who was in charge.

It's a shame that I had to give Pharaoh Man such a low score for the paltry offerings of his attack. The extent of his abilities appears limited to jumping at a wide angle and slowly firing an energy wave in your direction, which I have to say, is not altogether impressive. It's a good thing he makes up for it in other areas.

You have to admit, this guy is a boss. Look at him, Pharaoh Man isn't messing around -- even his 8-bit sprite demands respect. If you don't believe me then watch this. Anyone who can sucker-punch the Blue Bomber is alright with me.

Published Dec. 1st 2016

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