How to Change Blessing in Blessed Unleashed

Find out how to change blessing at the Altar of Physera using our guide to Blessed Unleashed.

Combat skills in Bless Unleashed are directly connected to your chosen blessings, and special abilities that can be obtained by collecting memory fragments. You can also change blessings if you feel that your character needs to obtain a different set of skills, which is more than a little handy.

This guide will provide you with tips on how to change blessing in Bless Unleashed. You will learn how to obtain new blessings, how to change them, and how to equip new blessing.

Bless Unleashed: How to Change Blessing

Obtain New Blessing

Before changing your blessing to another one you must first obtain the new blessing that you desire. You can do this by collecting the memory fragments of a specific blessing and put them together at the Altar of Physera.

You will be able to collect these memory fragments through special blessing quests given to you by NPCs as you naturally progress through the main campaign.

In order to unlock all the blessings in Bless Unleashed you need to:

  • Complete the Carzacor campaign quests for Mark of the Wolf blessing
  • Complete the Navarra campaign quests for Lionheart Legacy blessing
  • Complete the Padana campaign quests for Crescent Moon blessing
  • Complete the Lairs and Dungeons quests for Night Wind blessing
  • Purchase memory fragments from Reputation Merchants for Storm Chaser blessing
  • Complete the Unending Conflict campaign quests for Centurion’s Command blessing

Note that once you start the blessing quests, the locations of the fragments will be indicated on your game map.

If your inventory is full once you obtain the fragments, they will go to your mail stash instead, and you won't see the markers on the map. So make sure that you have your first memory fragments in your inventory at all times during the blessing quests.

Change and Equip Blessing

Once you have obtained all memory fragments for your new blessing, you need to travel to the closest Altar of Physera, which will be marked on your map.

Approach the altar and interact with it, and then follow these steps:

  1. Select "Unlock Blessing" option
  2. Interact with the Altar of Physera again
  3. Select "Change Blessing" option
  4. Choose the blessing from the list you wish to equip
  5. Confrim by choosing "Replace Blessing" option

Since you can have only one active blessing at a time you need to choose carefully. If you want to change the blessing again, you need to return to the Altar of Physera and repeat steps 2-5.

That's all you need to know on how to change blessing in Blessed Unleashed. Be sure check out other Bless Unleashed guides on our dedicated hub page.


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Published Aug. 17th 2021

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