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Cyn-Dyn Games PixPIll pits player against germs in mobile game.

PixPill is a mobile game created by Cyn-Dyn Games for iOS (coming soon) and Android. Available for free, the game is playful mix of Jetpack Joyride and and the film Osmosis Jones. A challenging running game, PixPill is perfect for casual players who have short bursts of time for gaming.

You play as a pill that has entered a sick dog. Using the simple mechanics of tapping the top of the screen to move up, and tapping the bottom of the screen to move lower, navigate your way pass various germs. As you progress through the levels more germs will come flying at you trying to eat you up. You collect coins as you progress through the levels.

After hours of playing I was unable to defeat the first level. PixPill is a challenging game perfect for those that love running games. The mechanics are easy to learn. The graphics are cute and uncluttered. The music is upbeat and will keep you playing through all the failures and germ collisions. Overall, it is a solid game for the free investment. There are microtransactions that can be completed through the shop to enhance the experience. 

Game reviewed on Android.

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Cyn-Dyn Games PixPIll pits player against germs in mobile game.
Reviewed On: Android
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Published Nov. 6th 2016

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